"After many years of driving up the ranks as a beginner student to an instructor and racer, I realized that I had plateaued. I was doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Insanity? Yes! Thoroughly frustrated and looking for help, I was introduced to Anthony and we agreed to work together at Mid-Ohio during O’fest. I immediately felt comfortable with Anthony in the car and his approach to coaching. After a few laps he had explained my strengths and weaknesses, helped me understand the nuisances of the track, and made clear, concise suggestions to drive smoother and faster. It worked! My lap times came down, I was more relaxed, and had greater confidence to drive at a higher level. An added bonus for me, and maybe the most important, was how to understand and take advantage of my hot lap data. Everyone needs a good coach to improve their game. The next time I work with a driving coach, it will be Anthony."

Peter Stephan - Instructor, Spec E36 Racer

"I have used a handful of professional coaches in my driving development as a racer and club driving instructor. Anthony was great to work with. He communicates well; before getting to the track, coaching from the right hand seat, and debrief after a session. I really appreciated his flexibility during the day to accommodate a broken wheel stud that had to be fixed. He helped me tremendously in starting to figuring out a new to me club race car, and got me faster on a track that I thought I knew pretty well. He is a great driver; the laps that he recorded with my car will be a benchmark for me to work toward for a while. When you work with Anthony you know he really has a passion for this sport and you will be faster."

Wayne Dobson

"Anthony is excellent instructor outside of being a great driver. I think that is what makes him such a great professional coach. There are many pro drivers out there who are willing to charge $1500 per day to get in your car and put up an amazing lap that leaves you motivated and frustrated. Anthony put down some laps in my car that would have put my middle of the pack car onto the pole at last year's race at that track, and he was still able to explain to me exactly what he was doing to create the gap between my time and his. More amazingly was that he had zero experience at this track and had never been in my car before. Beyond his on track professionalism he is very approachable and fun to be around. Most impressive is his genuine concern for you the student. I still talk to Anthony on a semi-regular basis, and he is always checking in to see how I am doing. You just won't get this from most other coaches. A+"

Jerry Kaufman

"Drive Faster Now is a first class group to work with. Anthony is very experienced racer. He quickly got up to speed in my car and recognized both what me and the car needed to get more speed and comfort. Not only was he able to drop my lap times, he was able to make me more comfortable running different lines in traffic. Nate has a very strong knowledge of making cars perform at their best and is a very good technician. Both would debrief me together directly after every session to determine what I could do better and what improvement could be made to the car. Overall I was extremely satisfied with their knowledge and professionalism. I can't wait to work with them again."

Denny Barker - Spec E30 Racer

"Anthony provided me with professional coaching at Mid Ohio for a club race weekend. In addition to providing ride alongs and hot lap data, Anthony studied my data and video and continued to supply valuable feedback that allowed me to get faster. The things Anthony identified were things I would not have figured out myself. I now would like to have Anthony along at every track I go to. Huge value add. Thanks Anthony!"

Than Orens - Spec E36 Racer

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